Friday, 8 July 2011

Happy Things to end the week with

As you know this has been a fantastic week for me (although a few sad moments which I won't share right now).

I spent one of the days this week with one of my best friends Liz her daughter Layla-Rose, my nephew Caeleb, my new sis in law Gem and nephew Micah. We had lunch and went to the Sciencentre. My other nephew Isaiah went to work with my brother.

♥ Caeleb with his head on a plate at the Sciencentre. 

♥ Layla-Rose after waking up. 

♥ Micah's shoes, though he wasn't wearing this particular pair that day.

♥ I also caught up with another good friend of mine Thara. We had Wagamama for lunch and this is our Japanese tea. 

♥ My new Frankie magazine, my new neutral coloured with tiny white polka dot stockings/tights and my new wrap bracelet/necklace.

&hears; It has a teeny butterfly and flower plus the little hand says handmade :) 

♥ My new job of course!
♥ Being able to buy new work clothes that aren't just black and white

It has been a great week and I've been feeling really happy. In so many ways. Lighter. With a lot of ideas. I have a giveaway in store, my Etsy shop is going on sale and there will be a new swap for The Happy Mail Project

Hope you have a truly beautiful weekend!


mia said...

Lots of photos of pretty things! (And people), I especially adore the Japanese tea bowls and the tights, so feminine and pretty :)

julialow said...

Layla-rose is the cutest ever!!! Oh gosh, what a sweet, sweet baby.

I love the tights, Gracie! Hehe Equip tights remind me of our shopping trip to Carindale. I miss you! Definitely meet up when I'm back in about a week and a half. xx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

How cute is that shot at the Science Centre. Congrats on the new job :)

Jacqueline Roy said...

Love the idea of buying new clothes for a new job! :) Looking forward to seeing what you buy. Have a great weekend!

pip a la chic said...

Congrats on your new job as well!

Tina said...

that first photo, how is that possible? :O
also, cute tights!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

The teapot is so divine!

Lost in the Haze

Melissa Blake said...

Lovely photos and it looks like you had a great week. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

All wonderful things. I'm sorry that you've had to deal with some sadness lately, but I'm hoping that this happy list helps distract you. Those tights are adorable!

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

What adorable pictures! Have a great weekend :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Hooray for colourful work clothes!!!

x Jasmine