Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A work update

Hey lovely people. I'm a bit quiet in the blog world at the moment because working nearly full time is really taking it out of me. I'm exhausted already, but I just need to get used to all the changes. Here are a few of my thoughts so far.

♥ Today I finally did some proper work and it's going well
♥ I'm starting to know the people I work with and really hit it off with one of the other girls in my little hub
♥ I'm not used to all the flexibility and being able to have a chat
♥ I have a work email :) and I get so excited checking it
♥ I went to my first work meeting today and was welcomed to the team
♥ I get flexi time (flex time is time off when you do extra hours) so I cut my lunch break to get extra hours
♥ There's a morning tea next week to welcome all the new people. I used to pay out Jason for his work place always having morning teas. Haa. 
♥ I love being able to wear clothes other than black and white
♥ Jason's work place is only up the street from mine so we get to go to work together (and my dad is on the level below me. He works for the same company)
♥ Working in the government is great!

So really, my biggest hurdle is time management. I need to work out when to do the washing, cleaning the house and I really don't feel like cooking dinner when I get home. It's a good thing that Jason has been home for a few days and he cooked :)

Right now I'm pretty exhausted but in time my body will get used to it. I might have to start scheduling posts or I will never blog.

It's been a good week so far and I'm also excited for this!!

* you can turn the audio off from this motion poster

Have a wonderful rest of week.

P.S. And I did a guest post for Erin here :)


thegirlhassparke said...

So glad that you are enjoying it. Isnt flextime awesome? fulltime work is tough but I am sure you will be use to it in no time.

Katyha said...

Oh I am so happy it is going well. Don't worry about the first week, it takes a while for you to get the hang of things, you will be organised soon enough just enjoy :D

Tina said...

i'm glad work is going well for you! it sounds like a great place :)

Unknown said...

Nice to hear everything is going well! You will have a nice routine to get everything done in no time!

Lisa said...

Oh Flexitime is great I used to have that in my old job.

Thanks for your comments on my blog I think you would really like Mango they have some lovely items and its very nice quality xx

Jan-Peter said...

You sound very happy. Glad you're enjoying your new job. There are so many good things as I see, so just enjoy it, go out for dinner a bit more often in the next weeks and you'll get used to it in no time.

k said...

i'm adjusting to working full time and i feel like this so much!

Sharni said...

Glad you are enjoying it.. sounds fun! Morning teas sound awesome :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh congrats! I just started a new job too and it is only part time but I have found my self not having good time management. I still find myself too busy to blog and pathetic how that happens! But good luck with everything! I'm glad you are liking it! New jobs are kind of stressful sometime...just learning the system...I am still working on that!

Ashley Sloan

Belen said...


Rhianne said...

ohhh flexi time, I'm jealous, Thomas has that too and he's just booked an impromtu day off work (without me, bah :D)

Glad to hear its going well lovey x

p.s. when is hunger games out? that looks amazing!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are soo cute to get excited over work email! i get excited over blog email teehee! it sure is hard keeping up a full time job and full time blogging!!

Sirpa said...

Congratulations, it's good to see you are enjoying your new job!!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

So, I was listening to music while reading your post and I couldn't figure out where this odd extra noise was coming from. So, I turned my music off and went crazy trying to figure out which tab had music attached - them I realised it was the noise of fire from The Hunger Games picture! I love that it has a noise attached!!

How good are flexi hours? I'm on a day off today because of them!

x Jasmine