Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Advent Calendar

Hello lovelies. I'm finally doing a Christmas post! Jason and I started a tradition last year. We do an Advent Calendar. We alternate each day with opening a gift and get 12 gifts each. I'm showing what I received for the first six days I opened. 

We displayed it as a pile of gifts with a numbered sticker so we can keep track on who opens each day. 

L-R: Day 1 - A pretty bauble (you can see my reflection ha), Day 2 - 3 papier mache ornaments, Day 3 - Some T2 sleep tight loose tea (I drink this most nights, so it's nice and practical)
L-R: Day 4 - Kikki.K notebook and pen, Day 5 - Washi tape and bird fabric ribbon from Typo, Day 6 - Kikki.K pens, refills and Crunchie chocolate (one of my fave)

Jason has been so thoughtful with each gift and you can not believe how much I squee each day that I open one. I do love to see Jason's reaction to his gifts too. I'm a little bit random with his gifts because can be so hard to buy for. 

Only two more days of work! Have a great rest of week.


thegirlhassparke said...

Oh these gifts are so perfect for you, I love this little idea - what a lovely tradition. Brendan isso hard to buy for too, I still havent got his big christmas present yet...

Megan said...

What a fun idea + gifts!!!
I love the pile under the tree!!
We did an advent calendar last year and it was such fun, but this year I just ran out of time!! Perhaps next year... :)

Rhianne said...

thats such a lovely idea!! Thomas and I have a little wooden calender where we both put things in and share too :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

this is SUCH a fun idea!!

Sandy a la Mode

trishie said...

That's such a sweet tradition, maybe Stu and I could start one next year too. It'll be awesome to get a present each day leading up to Christmas.

PS: I'm hosting my last giveaway for the year! It's an ecostore store gift pack valued at $100, hope you enter here:

Claire said...

what a lovely idea, and what lovely gifts you got!! x

Katyha said...

I agree! men are so difficult to buy presents for sometimes but I am sure whatever you pick he will be pleased

Hope your last day at work was fun, now time to enjoy yourself ;)

Matthew Spade said...

what a sweet idea

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Jason knows you so well! What perfect gifts!

x Jasmine