Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas crafty and other bits

Hello hello my lovely people. It was my last day of work today and it feels heavenly. 11 days off work is exactly what I need. A few weeks ago I had a little craft session. It wasn't really Christmas but I have used them as part of my decorations at home. 

I've also added a few other pictures from that day and other Christmas pictures. 

1. My little fluro pink tree and little deer from Little Paper Lane. It's such a sweet shop.
2. The prep for my crafty day
3. Feathers and glitter
4. I painted the dots on the deer. It was a little kit I bought for fun
5. On my buffet at home. 
6. Some feathers I dipped in glitter in one of my tiny milk bottles
7. One of the papier mache baubles I painted and covered in glitter
8. Another papier mache bauble
9. And another papier mache bauble I decorated (baubles from this post) 
10. I had a tea break with some homemade shortbread (baked by a work friend)
11. A feather garland I made. 
12. My small white tree. I have a green one too

I really wish I had more creative days. It helped relaxed me and I was able to watch a few of my favourite shows. This weekend is going to be spent wrapping gifts, making some gift tags and doing some cleaning. I also wouldn't mind doing more creating as well. 

Have a beautiful weekend. 


Rhianne said...

I love the glitter dots on the deer, how lovely!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gracie, I hope you really enjoy your 11 days off :) x

Unknown said...

Your ornaments are pretty Gracie! Enjoy your time off work and have a blessed Christmas!

Megan said...

Your tree is so beautiful and I LOVE the dots on the little deer!!
I have some feathers around here somewhere and I think I'm going to dig them up and dip + glitter them!! And add a few to a vase like you did and perhaps I'll string some of them into a banner!! :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love the little spotty deer and the glittery papier mache baubles!

x Jasmine