Monday, 10 December 2012

USA Part 7 Toronto Canada

Hello lovelies. Only 8 more work days until the Christmas break. You can not believe how much I am looking forward to that. So only 4 more USA posts to go. This one is from Toronto, Canada. Jason and I stayed with my uncle and aunt and we were there for two days.


1. We went on one of those bus tours and got off at Casa Loma. They were filming The Mortal Instruments there! That is one of my favourite series. It was a shame that they weren't filming while we were there.
2. Casa Loma from the outside. It's a mixture of different castle styles
3. It was so beautiful and different
4. The CN Tower at night. The lights can colour. It's a shame we weren't able to go up
5. That night we went to the Toronto International Film Festival. That was amazing
6. We went to Niagara Falls the next day. A kept my jumper hoodie up because the rain was kind of annoying and it was cold
7. It was utterly amazing!
8. It was also raining and quite cold. We bought jumpers in the gift shop because we weren't prepared
9. We went on the Maid of the Mist boat. We only took photos with our phones because the mist and the rain was everywhere
10. A little squirrel friend

I really liked Toronto. It sort of reminded me of Australia. Casa Loma was beautiful and I was excited to see props from the movie. Plus going to the Toronto Film Festival was a fantastic experience. I felt so under dressed but my cousin and his wife took us there after our site seeing day. We were able to be at the Red Carpet and see some stars. I couldn't see much though because I'm so small. Jason tried to film as much as he could for me and I could Penelope Cruz on the camera screen :) We watched Born Twice which she was in. She was also in our theatre! 

And Niagara Falls is breathtaking. You can not imagine the sound of the water going over the falls until you get there. It was amazing. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of week. 


Melissa Blake said...

Awww, such lovely photos! xoxo

Matthew Spade said...

haven't been to that part of the world before but we're going to orlando in january. Thanks for the comments on Village's post on Northern Goods Co.

Unknown said...

That castle is just amazing Gracie! Hope I can go someday.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I say we buy that castle and live a whimsical fairytale life together! What do you say? :D

x Jasmine