Thursday, 13 December 2012

USA Part 8 Dallas Texas

Hello lovely people. Only 5 more work days until the Christmas Break! Whee! I'm definitely getting to the end of the USA posts. This is Dallas, Texas. I went to visit my cousins and was supposed to meet up with Micaela but she was in the process of giving birth!


1. My cousins took us out to have some delicious BBQ at a place called Pecan Lodge. People lined up for nearly an hour before it opened and we were first in line. It was soo good. 
2. We went to the Farmers Markets and I loved these tiny pumpkins
3. We went to downtown Dallas one day. This is the Old Red museum
4. The 'X' marks the spot where JFK was assassinated. It was fascinating to read about it
5. Pretty buildings in downtown Dallas
6. Me and my cousins
7. We went to a saloon to do a dance class. That was a lot of fun
8. Yogurtland! Yum. They also have the cutest spoons.

We did like Dallas. We were there for about 5 days and probably spent two of those days relaxing. This was awesome because we were getting pretty tired by this time. I'm bummed I didn't get to meet up with lovely Micaela but I'm sure we will get the chance another time :) 

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I've really been enjoying your US posts, it really looks like you had an amazing time! :) and thanks for your holiday package! I loved it :)

Matthew Spade said...

traveling the US is a dream of mine and we're doing a bit of it in January. Driving from Orlando, to New Orleans then back but taking a long detour. not too sure yet. We did consider Dallas but it's probably too far this time.

Micaela said...

SO disappointing that we were so close (well closer than an ocean anyway! It's amazing how big Texas is) and yet the timing was not on our side.

I would have LOVED for you to meet baby Felix especially. We both would have loved it <3 but yes, another time FOR SURE!!! :)


trishie said...

All the food looks amazing, no wonder people are willing to wait for an hour to get in.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

It would've been quite surreal to stand where JFK was assassinated.

Love your USA posts!

x Jasmine